Built For Beauty - More Mid Century Gems

Full-sized replica of facade and garden of a 1950s American suburban home
 Patrick Lowry London
What better way to start my day than seeing these gorgeous gems of the Mid Century....
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Bertrand Goldberg, Chicago
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Christopher Inn Columbus, Ohio
Dear God, this gorgeous beauty was demolished in 1988! :(
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Michael Wells Photography

Mies van der Rohe
Crown Hall Chicago

Ministry of Justice of Brasilia
Oscar Niemeyer

Look at this little beauty. This is why I love architects offices, they always have these gorgeous replicas hanging about.
This is the Pierre Koenig Stahl House - LA
Case Study # 22
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On The Street - Berlin Street Art

Berlin has a long, turbulent and at one time, horrific past. 
But modern Berlin is teeming with life, ideas, art, and people that are socially and politically conscious.
Germany itself, has come millions of miles away from its past, and has spent a great deal of time coming to terms with it. The country as a whole has spent many years in introspection, and other countries could learn from this example. The people here are as wonderful and as vibrant as its largest city.

It's an old city with new life. And the street art in Berlin is not only abundant but reflective of the temperature socially and politically. I was thinking about this lately, and thought I would add a spot for some of the glimpses of street art around Berlin here at the Blog...

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The Zzzz Place

Really like these. Especially this first design.

Warm, exotic and inviting.

That headboard gives me a swoon.

I think it's the view that gets me really, about this room.

Muted, and that wood flooring.

It's a little too bright for me. I would like to see this in muted lighting. I think it would be warmer, taking away the sharp angles of the bedboard and shelving.

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Chinoiserie and the 17th Century

The whimsical artistic endeavors between the East and West, and their fascination with each other, certainly produced beautiful art, porcelain, and garden design.
These sweet Chinoiserie designs were common in interiors between mid 17th century and the 18th century when this style peaked. 

You would see them painted on the rococo of the stunning architectural beauties of that time period, such as these gorgeous examples:

It is apparently making somewhat of a comeback when looking for new and original ideas in home design.
Can't say I'm displeased. 
But I hope the architectural structures are also getting a second look.

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Living Room Inspiration

These designs caught my eye this morning...

Tom Holst

Tom Holst

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